JavaSpace finished

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JavaSpace Description

For our course named 'Gameplay', we had to create a javascript space shooter game.

Game Information

We received some sprites from our teacher and he taught us some basic javascript. At the end of second period, we had to hand in our game. It had to be a space shooter in which you could shoot and destroy meteors and other ships, and they had to spawn randomly. We could also add health information as well as different enemy types (other colors do other amounts of damage and have other amounts of health). Some may argue that JavaSpace is not a good title since it hints towards the idea that it is created in Java (and mind you, Java and javascript are NOT the same). I chose this title because it was easy and not too long.
I added a nice 'unique' feature (unique in our class at least, something that was not widely applied). The game is fitted with a nice high score system.


Below are the main menu, the actual game and the game over screen

Disclaimer and licenses

Some things to keep in mind

I did NOT create any visuals for this game. The only thing I own is the code that runs the game, it was completely written by me.
Please do NOT upload this anywhere else, and please do NOT claim this as your own.


Want to try it out for yourself?

You can play the game by clicking the 'View on' link in the links box at the top.