Cavewarp finished

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Cavewarp Description

Cavewarp is a co-op game that was created for a school project. The game's language is Dutch. I worked together with artists Thom Roelink and David Brinkhof, who also came up with most of the concept. This game is meant to be played with a controller.

The idea

The game idea is really simple. You have two characters, one walking on the bottom of the level and one walking on the ceiling of the level. By working together you have to reach the end of the level. You have a few obstacles to overcome before reaching the finish.

The crystal character, he walks on the cave ceiling and has a green axe by default

The mushroom character, he walks on the cave floor and has a blue axe by default

Your goal

Your goal is to reach the end of the level. Throughout the level you will have to exchange the axes, because blue blocks can only be broken with the blue axe, and the green blocks only with the green axe. You can switch axes by standing parallel to each other, and pressing right trigger at the same time. Do this throughout the level to break the blocks and clear a path. There are other obstacles to clear as well, those are explained in-game.

Demo video

You can view the demo video below. Enjoy!