[Tutorial] - Updating your SA-MP server and scripts finished

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Updating your SA-MP server and scripts Description

How to update old scripts to the newest sa-mp version


Hi everyone.

This might seem a stupid tutorial, and won't be needed for many of you since the biggest part of the people here know how to update old scripts to the new sa-mp version but I've seen so many many questions, about how to update to a new version, and I still see them, so I decided to write this tutorial so people can search for the solution in the future.

For those out there who don't know this and want to know how to do it, continue reading, it's easier than you think.


This is very important, please make a backup of your server by archiving it or by copying the server folder (select the folder, not the contents, just the folder), and press CTRL+C and CTRL+V, this will copy the selected folder, just in case something goes wrong, you still have your old instance.

WinRAR archiver if you don't have it already

On the second row, you will find the English version of WinRAR, select the 32-bit version if you have a 32-bit Windows OS, or the 64-bit version for the 64-bit Windows OS.

Part 1 - Downloading and preparing the files

To start with, download the newest sa-mp server package


Once you've downloaded it, place the downloaded archive on your desktop, and click on it with your right mouse button, a list should pop up, press the 'Extract Files' button.


Now a dialog should pop up, press OK at the bottom.


If you did everything right so far, a folder should show up on your desktop containing the extracted files.


Now, go inside that folder, and press CTRL+A , so everything is selected, if you've selected everything, press CTRL+C to copy the files.

To finish the first part, go to the folder of your server, and press CTRL+V to paste the files.

Probably a dialog pops up, to ask you if you want to merge the existing folders.

At the bottom of the dialog, select the box 'Do this for all current items' and press the Yes button at the bottom.


Probably a new dialog pops up, with the question if you want to replace the existing files.

Select the box at the bottom again, which says 'Do this for the next x conflicts', and select the first option 'Copy and Replace'.


Congrats, you completed the first part of the update process! The new executables and includes are there, now you just need to compile!

Part 2 - Compiling the scripts

Make sure you start pawno trough the pawno folder, and not by clicking on your script, if you have more pawno instances (or used more instances in the past), it might be the script is bound to the other pawno folder, which might still contain the old includes.

So, open up the pawno folder in your server folder, and press pawno.exe.

Now, press the open button at the top left, and navigate to the script you want to update.

Once you loaded the script, press F5 to compile like allways, and if there are no errors, you probably done everything right!

Edit the server.cfg to your needs, add the plugins line with the plugins you use, and also UPDATE YOUR PLUGINS AND DOWNLOADED INCLUDES, I haven't included this in my tutorial, since it's the exact same process as the standard sa-mp updating.

Don't forget to change the rcon-password in the server.cfg from 'changeme' to something else, something safe. If you don't change this, the console will close and thus, your server won't start.

In case you want to view the images I used in full size, here's the album on Imageshack

This was my tutorial about updating your sa-mp server, if you have any questions, please reply, and if you want me to add the part about plugin updating aswell, please tell that in a reply, and I will add it.

I hope some of you found this usefull, good luck with your sa-mp server!