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jBlood Description

jBlood- Bloodscreen

by Jstylezzz


Hi all! I present you this all new include; jBlood! It basically shows like, that bloodstain effect on your screen and slowly fades away. I got it out of the TDM mode I'm writing, and decided it might be nice for other people out there who might want to make something similiar.

If there is anything unclear about the rest of the thread, please let me know right away.

Usage information

It's designed to be as small and easy as possible. There's only one function in this include, which can be used in 2 ways (since V1.1).


or, if you want to set a custom fadetime (V1.1 and above)

ShowBloodScreen(int:playerid,Float:amount,fadetime = 100);

In this function, playerid is the id of the player the bloodscreen should be shown to, and amount is the amount of damage that was dealt. Note, that the intensity of the bloodscreen is different for each damage amount.

The parameter shadetimer is the time in milliseconds that the timer that fades the red should run on. The default is 100, and as of V1.1 you can set it yourself.


public OnPlayerTakeDamage(playerid, issuerid, Float: amount, weaponid, bodypart)




Or, using the custom shadetimer parameter (V1.1 and above)

public OnPlayerTakeDamage(playerid, issuerid, Float: amount, weaponid, bodypart)


ShowBloodScreen(playerid,amount, 150); //Change 150 to the time in milliseconds you want the fade timer to run on. The default is 100.


This will show the bloodscreen each time the player recieves damage.


[CHANGED]: V1.1 - ShowBloodScreen changed from public to stock, due to the fact that the default value of 'shadetimer' gives the following error when used in a public: 'function argument may not have a default value'.

[ADDED]: V1.1 - 'shadetimer' param in the ShowBloodScreen function. You can now set your own fade time. The default is 100ms. This parameter is optional, if you don't use it in the function, the default (100) will be used.

V1.0b - Initial release

Scripts that use this include

Also used this include in a released script? Let me know, and I'll add it in this list! Might help your work to get seen if people come across this thread.


You are NOT allowed to re-upload or re-release this without my WRITTEN permission! Also don't claim it as your own, respect the author's work. As for the rest, you may use and modify this script as much as you wish, just leave the credits where they are.