(#14) Portfolio items posted by Jstylezzz on 2016-06-24

Alright so I have finally started uploading my portfolio! Fairly soon some of the games I created will be downloadable from the portfolio pages as well, and some may include source code. Stay tuned as I fill my portfolio with some nice items!

(#13) Website Update posted by Jstylezzz on 2016-05-01

Hi all!

I'm slowly rolling out updates to the website, so if you're wondering why the website is in maintenance mode sometimes, this is the reason. For
my study I need to set up a portfolio (I study game development for those who didn't know). Before the end of this year my complete starter portfolio will be here on the website, I'll also release any releasable games here if I get the chance.

Keep it cool!

(#12) Going inactive on SA-MP posted by jstylezzz on 2015-10-06

So yeah, this was pretty predictable I guess. I decided to stop being active with all things SA-MP. I recently started a study for Game Development which is a pretty intensive study. I make long days and have too much things to do on a daily basis. I won't be participating in any projects anymore, nor will I release new things. I might give a final/critical update on my releases when it's really necesary, but aside from that I have no plans on returning to being active whatsoever. It was a nice run and I have learned a lot in the years that I've been working within the SA-MP community. Aside from experience, I also gained a lot of friends there, which I'm very happy with. Just to clarify, this is not a message saying I'm leaving the Internet or saying I abandon everything else I'm doing (yes, I am doing more than just SA-MP stuff, what a surprise), it's just to notify the SA-MP people that know me/work(ed) with me that I'm out. That's about it. I still occasionaly check my PM's and the SA-MP forums in general, so I can still be reached there.

(#11) New website! posted by jstylezzz on 2015-09-09

Hi everyone!

Welcome on my new website. I've totally rewritten te website from the ground up, and chose for a lighter theme. Everything is ordered much clearer now which allows you to find things a lot easier, and it looks a lot better too to be honest. Be aware that the website is still being finished (content being added to it, maybe new features being implemented).

Hope you like it!