About me

Hi, I'm Jari (know on the interwebs as Jstylezzz) and I'm a 18 year old dude from the Netherlands.


I've been working with computers as long as I can remember (the early years were more like, destroying them lol). I've learned a lot all these years, and I'm still learning. It's a process that never stops. I do a variety of things. The first public-ish thing I did, was music. For example, the monthly podcasts that I composed for a while. After that, there was a short period in which I produced my own songs (or at least I tried). I got great (positive) feedback about that, but I felt it wasn't good enough, and removed them from the Internet and stopped working on them. After the music producing/mixing time I started drumming (which I still do).
Now, before I started doing all these music things, I made my way in the programming world. It took my some time, but as time passed I started to understand and control the basics and the structure of programming. Nowadays, I (am able to) create things like C++/C# programs, PAWN scripts (used by SA-MP) and a lot of things for the web (PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL for example).

Things I do

Things I do regulary include building websites, creating PAWN scripts for SA-MP and creating programs in C#/C++ for my own use. I also do a few projects next to those things. For example, I'm working on a nice KITT replica (the car from the old Knight Rider series, more on the projects page) and I'm drummer for the band Blackout. I recently started college at the Graphic Lyceum Utrecht. I'm doing the Game Development study there. I have a few other nice things planned with DeniZgamR (check the friends page for him) that are related to my study. More on that within a few years!
So basically, that's me. This website is here for the people who're interested to keep track of my things like the podcasts (if I ever decide to continue those again), programming things, or maybe even the KITT replica and my band.
I'm not sure what else to tell you so I'll keep it at this for now, I guess you could always ask things if you're curious.

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