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About me

Hi, I'm Jari (also known as Jstylezzz). I'm from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I've been working with
computers as long as I can remember (the early years were more like, destroying them). I've learned a lot, and still am learning. I do a variety of things. At first, I started mixing music (the monthly podcasts you see now), after that, I had a little while in which I produced my own songs (which were released for some time). After the music producing I started drumming (which I still do). Before I started mixing though, I made my way in the programming world. Slowly but steady I got the basics, and now I make website things, C++ things, PAWN things (SA-MP), some Flash, everything for the web (PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, e.t.c.).

So basically, that's me. This website is here for the people who're interested to keep track of my things, like the podcasts, or maybe programming stuff.
I'm not sure what else to write here, so I'll keep it at this.